Alberto Villalobos (Beto)

Beto is the middle brother and by far, the most talented according to everyone except himself! Besides being a violinist and composer, he enjoys making art in a variety of media. From mask-making to oil painting, pottery, sketching, writing and even hand-crafting a violin from scratch, he is happiest whenever his hands are busy creating.

He is a graduate from the Royal Conservatory of Brussels in Belgium where he studied with legendary violinist Igor Oistrakh. Besides his classical studies, he also spent over a year learning the traditional style of music of "La Huasteca" region in Mexico. At present, he is interested in Jazz as an additional language to enrich his musical creations.

Ernesto Villalobos (Ness)

Besides being a brilliant violinist and composer, he has a gift for writing beautifully and since a very young age, he was a terrific orator. He is happiest by living in the moment, being on stage and living every second with relentless intensity. Ernesto moved to New York City at age 18, becoming the youngest person ever to be awarded a Fulbright Scholarship by the U.S. Department of State. He holds advanced degrees from the Manhattan School of Music (USA), Keshet Eilon (Israel) and Bayerischen Musikakademie (Germany). Ernesto loves people and making friends and "new family" everywhere he goes.

Luis Villalobos (Wess)

Luis is the youngest brother. He holds dual Master Degrees from Berklee College of Music and the University of Freiburg (Germany). in 2019, thanks to his violin solos in Bruce Springsteen's Western Stars, he became the first musician from Latin America to be featured on the Boss' studio recordings. Luis dreams of a world where people can be more instead of having more. He does not believe in nations, race, socioeconomic classes, or any other artificial boundary that keeps humanity alienated. His music and lyrics aim to restore art as more than shallow entertainment. He has a black belt in Karate-Do and enjoys reading great literature, philosophy, mysticism, and poetry. He's happiest setting new challenges for himself, traveling and being absorbed in the process of making music.

Humberto Flores (Humbert)

Humbert is Dumas' fourth Musketeer. Not a blood brother but an essential part of the Villalobos family. He combines a deep understanding of popular music genres with a solid classical training and his compositions and arrangements reflect the best of both worlds. Humberto has forged his career as a musician, arranger and composer, being part of important ensembles such as the Xalapa Guitar Orchestra in Mexico, Hexacord Ensemble in Italy, Ensemble Madrigal, Piazzolla Quintet in Milan, Paax Guitar Trio, and he is currently Artistic Director of the band. He holds a Masters degree in classical guitar from the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory in Milan, Italy. He is happiest inspiring others through example and challenging old social stereotypes that prevent young people from reaching their dreams.