Alberto Villalobos (Beto)

Besides playing violin, Beto enjoys painting, pottery, sketching, writing, and instrument building. He is happiest whenever he is at the sea or his hands are busy creating and building something.

He is a graduate of the Royal Conservatory of (Brussels, Belgium) where he studied with Igor Oistrakh, but most of his education came from Carlos Marrufo (Mexico) and Elfego Villegas (traditional folk). Beto loves music from Veracruz (Son Huasteco, Son Jarocho) as much as free imporvisation and traditional Jazz. He practices yoga and loves to teach and share with family and friends. 

Ernesto Villalobos (Ness)

Ernesto moved to New York City at age 18, becoming the youngest person ever to be awarded a Fulbright Scholarship by the U.S. Department of State. He holds advanced degrees from the Manhattan School of Music (USA), Keshet Eilon (Israel) and Bayerischen Musikakademie (Germany). He loves making friends and creating friendships wherever he goes. Ernesto has a love for writing, graphic design and he is happiest when living in the present moment with his family and friends.


Luis Villalobos (Wess)

Luis holds dual Master's Degrees from Berklee College of Music and the University of Freiburg (Germany). in 2019, thanks to his violin solos in Bruce Springsteen's Western Stars, he became the first musician from Latin America to be featured on the Boss' studio recordings. Luis dreams of a world where people can be more instead of having more. He does not believe in nations, race, socioeconomic classes, or any other artificial boundary that keeps humanity alienated. His music and lyrics aim to restore art as more than shallow entertainment. He is a Black belt in Karate-Do and enjoys reading philosophy, mysticism, and poetry. He is happiest setting new challenges for himself, traveling, and being absorbed in the process of making music.