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With our voices and our instruments, we raise our hands for a world where many worlds can fit; a universal, tolerant and conscious family that sees and values the human spirit and appreciates diversity as its best legacy and its greatest wealth.

WE ARE citizens of the world. We were born in Mexico and from an early age our music made it possible for us to travel. We believe in music as a positive, necessary and inexhaustible healing force, and we live to share our creations. WE ARE not only troubadours of love and brotherhood, but also activist speaking against injustice, and impunity. Our life is for humanity.


Thank you for your continuous support. Every day WE ARE more. 


Our sincere gratitude to each and every one of the wonderful musicians who contributed their talent to the realization of this album; you are our brothers and sisters in music and life. Many thanks to our friends, family and loved ones, who continue to support us unconditionally. This album was recorded at the Radio - Televisión de Veracruz Studios, in Xalapa, Mexico, with additional sessions at Oktaven Studios and LittleLife Music in New York City.

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This album is the culmination of more than two years of musical work and carries in it the strong sense of brotherhood that unites us. It also embodies the creative energy of our native Veracruz and our artistic life in New York City, where everyday our senses are flooded with music and art. 

The album’s name makes reference to the Artist Visas that the three of us received before coming to the States. 

Every arrangement and composition was carefully crafted, rehearsed and ripened through multiple shows at the 2011 Marble Hill Summer Concert Series. We then took the live concert to the world-class Carriage House Studios, and played once again for the mics and the attentive ear of Brendan Muldowney, a Grammy-nominated recording engineer. 

From Sam Cooke’s A Change Is Gonna Come we transition into La Iguana, a song from Veracruz, and in Larry Campbell’s brilliant Irish solo (via Richard Schindell’s Spring) we hear El Irish, our own rendition of this bucolic melody. As a counterpoint, Juan Kanagui’s poignantly urban spoken-word pieces thread the album and set the mood for the coming songs. By incorporating different genres and blending them with our roots, we hope to bridge the divide, inviting you to cross into our creative universe.

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